Ice Out!

The following table shows the ice-out dates as reported from various references, all linked to the reporting website. The definition of ice-out varies from lake to lake and could include unobstructed navigation between 2 points on the lake to complete disappearance of all ice.

For Little Sebago, we follow the State definition, defined as the ability to pass from one end of the lake (Twin Brooks) to the other (Hopkins Dam) unobstructed by ice.

For more information on ice-out dates, visit Maine's site.


Day of Ice-Out
Link to Website Reference
2016 March 14

2015 April 17

2014 April 19

2013 April 8

2012 March 22

2011 April 17

2010 March 19

2009 April 11

2008 April 24

2006 March 27

2003 April 18